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PLASSON provides a wide range of solutions for connecting PE pipe. PLASSON's products can be found in municipal water distribution systems, gas conveyance systems, industrial fluids transfer and wastewater systems and mines in over 80 countries around the world.



Hot Water Conveyance - PLASSON's new and innovative fitting line, Pex2Pex™, crosslinked PE ElectroFusion fittings have been designed to connect PEX pipes in applications where elevated temperatures exist. For the first time it is possible to install a uniform PEX system, without seals, flanges or any other metal parts.

PLASSON ElectroFusion products combine to offer a reliable smart-system solution featuring fully computerized control and monitoring.

PLASSON's customers benefit from the Company’s quality products, expertise and worldwide first-rate service in water, gas distribution and industrial applications.


PLASSON's new and innovative fitting line PEX2PEX™ is a development of PEX (cross linked PE) ElectroFusion fittings, to connect onto PEX pipes for hot and cold water installations.
For the first time, it is possible to install a uniform PEX system, without seals, flanges or any other metal parts

.PEX2PEX™ fittings are designed according to ISO 15875 (previously prEN 12318) for hot and cold water installations.

PEX2PEXtm Couplers, PN 6, in sizes: 75, 90, 110, 125 and 160 mm are now available.

PEX2PEXtm Tees and Elbows will be available in the near future.


Some of the applications where the PEX pipe with PEX2PEXtm fittings are advantageous:

  • Hot and cold water distribution
  • District heating
  • Air conditioning (heating and cooling systems)
  • Chemicals conveyence
  • Compressed air installations

PLASSON ElectroFusion fittings can be used with PLASSON's computerized smart-system control box or with standard barcode systems. Each Plasson ElectroFusion fitting comes complete with a barcode.

Classification of service conditions from ISO 15875-1
temperature Td
Time at
Tmax Time at
Tmal Time at
Typical field of
2 70° 49 80° 1 95° 100 Hot water
supply at 70°
5 20° 14          
Followed by          
60° 25 90° 1 100° 100 High temperature
Followed by          
80° 10          
Followed by (see next column) Followed by (see next column)      
  • Td design temperature (C)
  • Tmax maximum design temperature (C)
  • Tmal malfunction temperature (C)

PEX2PEX™ fittings are made of PEX-b 100 which conforms to international standards for potable water and natural or suitable manufactured gas systems.

Weldability conformance with pipes - PEX-a, PEX-b, PEX-c, PE100
Weldable to pipes with SDR 7 to 11.

PLASSON ElectroFusion fittings are designed, tested and quality controlled according to PLASSON's internal standards. These standards are based on the following international, European and other standards:
ISO 15875, ISO 14531, GBE/PL2: PART 4, EN 1555, EN 12201, AFNOR NF T 54-066, AS/NZS 4129, AFNOR NF T 54-079.

PLASSON has incorporated a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001 which imposes stringent standards of control throughout the manufacturing processes.